About Old Line Scotch Club

The Old Line Scotch Club is an eclectic group interested in furthering their exposure to the wide variety of Scotch whisky and other interesting libations. During this pandemic our regular meeting have continued every month in a virtual setting, with samples of each whisky distributed locally to our members.

Tastings start at $20 per person, with the price varying, depending on the tasting lineup. The club officers and members will organize a selection of 3-5 whiskys each month, and provide commentary on the background and tasting notes for the whiskies being presented.

This is a great opportunity to try a large variety of Scotch without needing to buy entire bottles. As a club we have been meeting every month since April 2013, and on average we have 30 attendees per meeting.

New members are welcome. Please contact us at OldLineScotchClub@gmail.com or via the Contact page on this website.


Some of our Previous Tastings