Greg Bujak
2022 – pres

Greg Bujak writes and teaches about whisky and other libations, and has been an enthusiastic collector and explorer of the furthest regions of the world of whisky for well over a decade. He is on the board of Scotch Addict, the world’s largest group of scotch whisky afficionados, and has been a lead reviewer and moderator there since 2016. Prior to his role as President at OLSC, Mr. Bujak had previously served in the role of Vice President from 2018-2022. He teaches about scotch whisky, bourbon and rye, gin, and other subjects at the Anne Arundel Community College’s Hotel, Culinary Arts and Tourism Institute. 

Jonathan Murray
Vice President
2022 – pres

Jonathan Murray is a serious lover of all things Scottish, especially whisky.  Jonathan’s deep dive into whisky began 6-7 years ago after a trip to Scotland where he was exposed to the incredible enriching experience of tasting whiskies.  His interest led him to pursue a certificate in Scottish Whisky from the Edinburgh Whisky Academy, and subsequent visits to Scotland have taken him to distilleries all over the country.  Jonathan constructed his own whisky bar and amassed a collection of over 150 bottles.  Jonathan delights in sharing the experiential pleasures that can be found in a dram of the ‘water of life’.