• 2023 Meeting Schedule (subject to change):
    January 14th – Holiday Party at Old Line Spirits (in-person meeting)
    February 11th – New Distilleries
    March 11th – Digging Deeper Into Peat (click here for presentation slides)
    April 15th – Bruichladdich Microprovenance Series
    May 13th – GlenAllachie
    June 17th – Sherry and Sherried Whisky (in-person meeting)
    July 8th – Springbank
    August 12th – World Whisky: India
    September 9th – Macallan & Glenfiddich
    October 14th – TBD (Ballechin or World Whisky – Taiwan [Kavalan])
    November 11th – BenRiach
    December 5th – TBD